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Have you ever come across the brand Tactile Turn? This company makes some amazing pens, but a lot of people have never heard of them, so what sets them apart from other pen manufacturers?

Tactile Turn is a brand that is dedicated to creating the highest quality pens that they can. The brand offers a lifetime warranty, showing pride in the amazing stationery that it produces, and there’s no question that the pens look like works of art – a true nod to taking pride in your product.

Tactile Turn has a simple goal: to rid the world of low-quality stationery and to provide pens that are worth owning. The company has been operating since 2012, so let’s learn more about how it started and why it’s special.

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What Is Tactile Turn?

Tactile Turn Pens

Tactile Turn is a company that was founded in 2012 by Will Hodges, in Dallas, Texas. Hodges was responding to the frustration that he felt at the disconnection between the consumer and the product, at the lack of pride that big companies take in the items that they sell, and the resulting low-quality products.

Consumers will all be familiar with this same frustration – the sense that companies are churning out the cheapest products that they can get away with, which will fall apart only weeks or months after they have been dispatched. If you’ve ever found a pen that springs into pieces the minute it gets knocked, or that will not write unless you hold it “just so,” you know Hodge’s frustration.

Tactile Turn pens are, therefore:

  • Consistently high quality
  • Made of metal to ensure that they are durable
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth to write with
  • Attractive to look at
  • Refillable so you don’t need to buy new pens every time

These things all speak to the care that has gone into designing the product, and the pens utilize a bolt action to allow you to quickly retract the nib when you want to. In a world where we are moving away from throw-away, low-quality products, Tactile Turn is offering an alternative option that’s perfect for you.

What Sets Tactile Turn Pens Apart?

Tactile Turn Side Click Mechanism
Tactile Turn The Fairway Side Click Mechanism

Tactile Turn pens have quite a few features that make them unique, but the biggest is the warranty. Can you imagine never needing to buy another pen because it won’t break? Made of bronze, zirconium, titanium, or copper, these pens are strong and can withstand plenty of use without any reduction in quality.

The company’s goal is to provide you with a pen that you could theoretically be passing on to your children, and once you’ve tried one, you might actually consider that – these pens are so elegant and pleasant to write with, they are worth the effort.

They have a unique, precision-machined texture that makes them extremely comfortable to hold, even if you are taking a lot of notes. This reduces the risk of wrist and hand cramps, allowing you to work for longer without getting arm fatigue. The grip is incorporated into the barrel to give the pen a consistent overall appearance.

Because you also have your choice of metals and you can pay a little extra to get the pen engraved with a name, there’s a real sense of connection and ownership when it comes to these pens. This isn’t just a writing tool; this is a valued piece of equipment that has been made with pride and care and is designed to be refilled many times over.

What’s The Tactile Turn Mission?

Are tactile turn pens good
Holding a Tactile Turn Special Release Called The Fairway

Hodges’ goal was to bring a human touch back to stationery, making pens that are designed with the end user’s convenience in mind. The fact that Tactile Turn offers a lifetime warranty is a demonstration of its mission: to make pens that will last and last, and then last some more. They want consumers to feel the value of their purchase.

The goal of Tactile Turns is to create equipment that will outlast the buyer – and replace all the cheap, disposable pens that end up in landfill sites all the time because they simply aren’t made well enough to last more than a year or two at the most.

The company is also committed to manufacturing in the traditional way, and despite the growth, it has enjoyed, all the pens are still hand-machined in Dallas, Texas. They started there too, with Hodges working by hand on a WWII-era lathe in a corner of a workshop, crafting the perfect pen for every true workman.

Tactile Turn’s mission is to do the job properly and to create a pen that is good enough for everyone, and that can operate in an office or a workshop with equal aplomb. Their pens are designed to withstand abuse, but they still have the elegance to fit into any professional setting, no matter how high-end the office.

How Are Tactile Turn Pens Made?

Tactile Turn pens are manufactured in the United States, with a team of skilled machinists crafting them on state-of-the-art machines. This is a long jump from their starting place; the first 1000 pens were crafted by Hodges alone, working on a single machine.

The success of this company in the last 20 years is an indication that Hodges was not alone in being frustrated by the constant influx of low-quality, cheap pens that don’t work and fall apart in no time.

In today’s world, the general awareness of the problems associated with landfills and disposable products is always increasing. People are looking for ways to be more sustainable, and this goes hand in hand with buying better products.

As this trend continues, it’s likely that Tactile Turn pens and missions like those of Will Hodges will enjoy even more popularity, winning loyal customers and proving their dedication to quality over and over again.


Tactile Turn is a brand that has quickly become associated with superb quality and an excellent consumer experience, and they will almost certainly continue on this path as more and more people abandon the frustration of cheap equipment and start looking to bring quality craftsmanship back into their lives.

Featured Image Source: TactileTurn.com

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