The 5 Best Pencils For Preschoolers

Writing is one of the most important skills we learn as children and every parent wants to give their kids the right start. But where do you even begin, with so many products on the market? We will take you through the best pencils for preschoolers.

Learning with the proper pencil and developing a proper grip is essential to developing good writing habits from the start. Preschoolers should start out with a jumbo-sized round barrel pencil, as it is easier for their little hands to hold. There are also pencils that are better suited for left-handed writers. 

Keep reading as we outline the best pencils for preschoolers.

What Are The Best Pencils For Preschoolers To Use?

best pencils for preschoolers

Many preschool and Kindergarten teachers advocate for your child’s first pencil to have a jumbo-sized smooth, round barrel. As their fine motor skills and narrative writing talents develop, the larger pencil is much easier for young hands to grip. It also aids in the formation of a good pencil grip, which can have a significant impact on future handwriting.

The bigger core of graphite in oversized starter pencils helps to reduce frustrations from graphite breaking, and they stay sharper for longer as your child practices writing with a pencil. Additionally, the erasers on beginner pencils remove mistakes easily without erasing becoming a distraction.

Best Pencils For Preschoolers

#1. My First Ticonderoga Primary Pencils

Ticonderoga has been offering premium quality pencils for kids, and adults alike, since 1812, so it’s no surprise that this pencil is one of the best pencils for preschoolers. 

These jumbo-sized pencils are made with PMA-certified, non-toxic materials to help keep your child safe and are reasonably priced. They come in a variety of colors, are made of plastic, and are purposefully designed to help preschoolers learn to write. 

For your convenience, the box includes pre-sharpened pencils as well as two extra sharpeners. The latex-free eraser that comes with it makes it simple and clean to make corrections. 

The only downfall to the Ticonderoga Primary Pencils is that they need to be sharpened regularly to keep them from breaking. 

TICONDEROGA My First Pencils, Wood-Cased #2 HB Soft, Pre-Sharpened with Eraser, Includes Bonus Sharpener, Yellow, 5 Piece (Pack of 1)(33309)
  • Large size diameter (13/32") is ideal for children in the early stages of their writing Development
  • Exclusive #2 graphite formula provides extra smooth performance
  • Pre-sharpened to save you time, Includes bonus sharpener
  • Top quality, latex-free eraser provides easy, clean corrections
  • Puma certified non-toxic

#2. Pencil Buddies Small Pencils With Erasers

These four-inch pencils are just the right size for preschoolers. They contain a soft-tip eraser that effortlessly erases mistakes and the needed triangular grip that helps kids improve fine motor skills. The lead these pencils use is extremely robust and won’t break easily when children learn how much pressure to apply while writing.

The Pencil Buddies pencils can easily be held by preschool hands. Additionally, their length is suitable for reducing fatigue by providing a balanced weight and ideal length that is comfortable to grasp and does not interfere with writing or sketching.

The Pencil Buddies Small Pencils With Erasers also includes pencil sharpeners, so the kids can learn to sharpen their own pencils as needed. These pencils are also available in a variety of bright hues.

Pink Golf Pencils With Erasers for Kids, 72 Triangular Premium Pink Half Pencils and 2 Sharpeners (Light Pink)
  • TRIANGULAR PENCIL SET FOR KIDS - A smaller length with more comfortable grip for small hands, our #2 triangle golf...
  • TRI-GRIP WITH ERASERS – Each of our 4” short pencils for kids is fitted with a soft tip eraser that helps them make...
  • STRONG GRAPHITE LEAD – We use a sturdy HB pencil lead in our pencils to help reduce breakage.
  • LARGE BULK PENCIL PACK – The large box of 72 mini pencils ensures there are plenty of pencils to share or replace any...
  • COMPLEMENTARY PENCIL SHARPENERS – These pencils also come with two easy-to-use pencil sharpeners to make keeping the...

#3. Channie’s Easy-To-Hold Write Size Pre-Sharpened Graphite Kids’ Pencils

Preschoolers will love these pencils. They’re short, with a thick barrel that’s comfortable to grasp, and come with pre-sharpened lead, making them simple to use. Because the lead is darker than some competitors’, writing with less pressure is easy. These pencils are best suited for children aged 3 to 6.

Channie’s Easy-To-Hold Pencils are 4” long to help your preschooler maintain better control of their grip on the pencil and ultimately, improved penmanship.  

Channie's Easy-to-Hold Write Size Wooden Lead No2 Presharpened Graphite Kids’ Pencils for 3-6 Year Olds, 2 Pack (10 Pencils)
  • Cute Pencil Set for Children - Pre-sharpened number 2 pencils for writing and drawing; Easy to hold for small hands,...
  • Jumbo Barrel - Thicker than regular number 2 pencils; Graphite core creates thick, dark lines; Each pencil is 4'' long...
  • Complete School Set - Two sets with 5 wood pencils each; Ready to use in kindergarten or preschool; Pencils come...
  • Suits Adults Too - Large Pencils are also perfect for artists, older students, and carpenters with big hands; Write,...
  • Improves Skill & Penmanship - Perfect tool for young children practicing drawing and handwriting; Channie’s large...

#4. STEAMFLO Kids Pencils for Preschoolers

Per expert recommendation, STEAMFLO Kids Pencils for Preschoolers are short, chunky, triangular pencils made from premium natural redwood. Primarily, these pencils teach preschoolers how to write on a variety of paper types. 

These pencils are some of the best pencils for preschoolers because they have an easy-to-grip barrel and longer body. They have a 50% thicker core than ordinary pencils, which decreases breakage.

6B Graphite, which is softer than standard pencil graphite, is used in these pencils to make smooth lines on any page. Furthermore, the pencil is simple to use and does not require additional pressure for strain-free and painless writing.

While they are perfect for learning the proper grip and pressure needed to acquire writing skills, these pencils are relatively expensive at $14.99 for a 24-pack. 

Kids Pencils for Beginners, Toddlers, Preschool and Kindergarten Ages 2-4 years With Jumbo Triangle Shape, Soft 6B Graphite, Fat Pencils With Easy Grip and Thick Core (24 pack)
  • PERFECT LEARNING PENCIL: Experts agree short and fat triangular pencils with soft graphite help toddlers and...
  • FAT TRIANGULAR GRIP: Helps guide proper pencil grip for beginners and is more comfortable for accomplished writers....
  • SOFTER AND THICKER GRAPHITE: 6B Graphite is softer than standard #2 or HB pencils, requires less pressure and reduces...
  • PERFECT LENGTH: 5 Inch length provides better pencil control and lasts longer than shorter 3.5 inch kids pencils on the...
  • PRINTABLE WORKSHEETS INCLUDED : Lifetime access to fun downloadable worksheets and blank practice sheets. The unique...

#5. Faber-Castell Jumbo Graphite Pencil Back-To-School Set

The Faber-Castell Jumbo Pencils have an ergonomic form that makes them easy to hold for small hands. The extra dot bumpers that keep pencils from slipping are one of the most distinct features.

The leads are break-resistant for beginner writers learning how much pressure to apply, and their triangle shape minimizes hand cramping when kids spend time writing or drawing throughout the day. Even when unsharpened, their high-quality lead appears sharp and bright on paper. The easy-to-open sharpener is also an extra bonus.

Faber-Castell Jumbo Graphite Pencil Back To School Set - 4 Jumbo Pencils (Blue/Green) & Fish Pencil Sharpener
  • 4 GRAPHITE PENCILS - Includes 2 blue and 2 green 12mm triangular shaped jumbo pencils for preschoolers and early...
  • PREFERRED BY OCCUPATIONAL THERAPISTS – The perfect first writing pencil for kids! These graphite writing pencils offer...
  • PENCILS FOR PRESCHOOLERS - The ergonomic, triangular shape helps children hold the pencil correctly and provides comfort...
  • BREAK RESISTANT LEADS – Pencil leads are securely bonded the entire barrel length, making these pencils break...
  • EASY TO USE PENCIL SHARPENER – Great for on the go use! Dual hole pencil sharpener features a fish design and...

Frequently Asked Questions About Pencils For Preschoolers

What Are The Best Sized Pencils For Preschoolers?

The jumbo-sized round No. 2 pencil is ideal for preschoolers since it is long enough to balance the weight of the pencil on both ends and provide a comfortable writing experience. The best pencils for preschoolers minimize fatigue while writing and promote proper grip development.

Should Preschoolers Use Fat Pencils?

Yes, using a fat pencil is beneficial to preschoolers because they are simple to handle and allow for more comfortable writing. Thin pencils aren’t recommended because they slip away while writing and aren’t the best fit for children’s hands.

What Are The Best Pencils For Preschoolers?

My First Ticonderoga Primary Pencils are the best pencils for preschoolers because they are made of high-quality materials, are easy to handle in little hands, come with all of the instruments needed to get started writing right away, and are inexpensive. Furthermore, they are appealing and fulfill PMA criteria for non-toxicity, ensuring the safety of your child.

Final Thoughts: Best Pencils For Preschoolers

Finding the perfect pencil for your preschooler can be a daunting task. It must be comfortable for their small hands and offer everything needed to promote proper development. We have created this list of the best pencils for preschoolers to help you narrow down your search. 

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