The 6 Best Notebooks for Travel, Organization, and More!

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Has your mother been nagging you about journaling again? Well, now’s the time to listen. We’ve hand-picked the best journals of 2019, and we think you’ll be impressed. Whether you’re a traveler, an avid writer, a doodler, or a student who just needs a notebook for class, we’ve got you covered! Whatever your style, you’re bound to find something you like (ha, get it?). Just take a look at our top picks for best notebooks this year.

#1: Refillable Leather Journal Traveler’s Notebook by Newestor

This refillable leather notebook is everything you’ll need for every occasion. It’s not only a beautifully crafted notebook–it’s a whole set! The travel/journaling/creativity notebook comes with a pen and pen holder, three types of paper (lined, grid, and plain), a binder clip, and a craft folder with a zipper pouch. Talk about an all-in-one! You also have the option to add up to eight more inserts–meaning you can keep using the same journal for multiple trips or for many years. This notebook really is everything you need, all in a compact size. Plus, who doesn’t love that lovely leather smell?

#2: Luxury Notebook Journal (2 pack) by Papercode

More into note-taking than travel? Our #2 pick will be perfect for you. This pack of notebooks has thick, college-ruled paper that is perfect for jotting down your thoughts or meeting notes. The steel grey cover is not only gender neutral–it’s also perfect for an artsy photograph, a minimalist piece for a desk, or even for blending into your bookshelf so no one will be able to find your diary! These notebooks are also perfect for keeping in your backpack or briefcase because they are flexible and the perforated pages won’t fall out. Each notebook also has a nice lay-flat design, so you won’t have to use a paperweight to keep your journal from moving on your desk. With the lay-flat design and the uniform page layout, these notebooks are also perfect for lefties, too!

#3: The Wanderings Refillable Leather Notebook

For our #3 pick, we just had to go back to leather.  What we love most about this notebook is that it comes in four sizes so you’re guaranteed to find a notebook that best fits you. Want something you can stash in your hand bag or backpack? There’s a pocket-sized notebook. Looking for a notebook that can take your large handwriting and still leave room for doodles? There’s a large 7.5” by 11” notebook, too. And if you’re like Goldilocks who prefers something right in the middle, there are two convenient A5 & Regular sizes that are each 8.5in. in length with varying widths. All pages are also unlined, so you have total freedom to write, draw, or paste in anything you want. And when you’ve used this notebook to its capacity, fear not! You can easily reorder refills that fit right into the notebook, leaving you with the ability to use the notebook for years.

#4: Dingbats Wildlife Medium Hardcover Notebook

Want a nice-looking and eco-friendly notebook that doesn’t come from an animal? Try this Dingbats hardcover notebook. It’s made from recycled materials and is 100% vegan! This notebook also comes in a variety of colors with different animals on the front. Whether your spirit animal is an elephant, tiger, or even a kangaroo, there’s certainly a notebook for you! In addition to offering over 10 color options, you also get to choose whether you prefer lined, plain, grid, or dot grid paper. Whether you choose to journal, draw, stay organized, or even a combination of those, this notebook can do it all. If you want to be even more convinced, the notebook also comes with thick, fountain-pen friendly paper as well as a pen holder and back pocket. Because of this notebook’s eco-friendly and highly customizable nature, we had to include it on our list.

#5: Studio Oh! Hardcover Spiral Notebook

Want a spiral notebook? We have one of those on our list, too! Studio Oh!’s hardcover notebook has a full 160 lined pages, giving you enough room for all of your notes and doodles. The best feature about this notebook is its cute quirky covers! There are several different designs to choose from, including three fun floral prints and several different animals! Most of these fun notebooks are about 5.75″ x 8.75″, but the llama notebook is a little bit skinnier, measuring in at 4.5”x8”. The llama notebook also has alphabetized tabs and special pages for storing passwords as well. If you want a notebook that matches your quirky style, this notebook is definitely one to check out.

#6: Antique Handmade Leather Bound Daily Notepad by Moonster

We couldn’t help but finish up this list with another gorgeous leather notebook. Each genuine leather notebook is unique, just like you! There are two convenient size options (7x5in. and 8x6in.) which cater to whatever you need. Each unlined page is a full 125gsm (thicker than most other notebook paper) and is completely made from recycled cotton! Unlike many other leather notebooks, though, this one is non-refillable, making it a special journal you can use for writing in wedding vows, notes from Bible reading, poems, or doodles. And even if you run out of room and want to buy another, you can feel good knowing that a percentage of the profits are for charity.

Now you’ve seen it all! You have all the tools you need in order to find that perfect notebook you have been searching for. Although we are certain that one of these notebooks is going to be the notebook of your dreams, if nothing else you now know a little bit more about what you do and do not want. And if you’re looking for a stellar pen to go with your new journal, check out our articles about the best bullet journal pens and best brush pens!

Already thinking about next year? Let us know what notebooks you think we should include in our next article about the best notebooks.

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