The Best Fine Point Multi Color Pen

If you do a lot of writing with pens throughout the day the odds are pretty good you’ve got a couple of different pens (all of them a couple of different colors) close at hand. Jumping from one pen to the next, though, can be a bit of a pain in the you know what.

With the help of the best fine point multi-color pen, though – a pen-like, the Uni-Ball Jetstream Multi, or the Zebra bLen, for example – you don’t ever have to worry about jumping from pen to pen anymore. You’ll have at least four different colors to pick and choose from all in the same pen body.

Obviously, some multicolor pen options available today are better than others.

Some are a lot more comfortable to write with. Some offer more colors that write more consistently. And some make you wonder why you ever wrote with single color pens in the past when you could use these!

Those are the kinds of pens we highlight below.

Why Grab a Fine Point Multi-Color Pen?

There are a couple of different reasons to get your hands on a multicolor pen, not the least of which is to make your writing a lot more efficient.

As we mentioned a moment ago, people who write a lot with pens usually have a couple of different options in a couple of different colors close at hand.

You might do the bulk of your writing in black or blue ink, but then you go back and edit or correct your writing with a red pen. Maybe you do second drafts in black, blue, or green.

At the end of the day, having a bunch of different colored options makes it a lot easier to understand your writing at a glance, and is especially helpful if you are taking notes.

Secondly, not having to jump from one pen to another speeds up your writing process in a big way.

best fine point multi color pen

Now instead of having to go hunt for a red pen when it’s time to make edits you can do line edits while still “in the flow” – and then click over to another color to add a bit of extra commentary before jumping back to black or blue and finishing your draft.

It always takes a little bit of getting used to (jumping from one color to the next), but once you get the hang of things you’ll be flipping through your fine point multicolor pen with ease – and wondering how you ever got away with writing without one!

The Best Fine Point Multi Color Pens on the Market Today

Pilot Dr. Grip 4+1 Multi Pens

Pilot also produces a larger, “chunky” fine point multi-pen that they call Dr. Grip – and it’s well worth a closer look, too!

Designed with ergonomics in mind, the soft grip on this thick body pen makes it easy to use over longer writing sessions. You’re not going to cramp, you’re not going to become fatigued, and you’re not going to find your writing “wonder” as you get more and more tired.

Five different colors are built inside this multi-point pen, giving you a full array of options to pick and choose from with just a single click. Each of the different colored pen cartridges can be replaced independently of every other one, too.

Uni Jetstream Multi Pens

Uni-Ball Jetstream pens are amongst the most popular pens money can buy right now, and this multi-version of the pen is a real standout.

Available in a bunch of different sizes (ranging from three different colors to five colors), these pens are comfortable to hold, have smooth writing, and have the kind of longevity you’d expect from a pen at this price point.

Lefties are going to love the way this pen writes, too. The ink doesn’t bleed or wash the way that some of the other best fine point multi-color pens might.

uni JETSTREAM 4&1 Red, Green, Blue, and Black 0.7mm Ballpoint Multi Pen and 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil (Black)
  • Black JETSTREAM 4&1 has four 0.7mm ballpoint ink components (red, green, blue, and black), plus a 0.5mm mechanical...

Uni Multi 5 Multi Pens

A bit of a wide-body multi-pen from the folks at Uni-Ball, you get four different colors of ink (and a 0.5 mm mechanical pencil) tucked “under the hood” of this pen!

It takes a little bit of time to get used to the way this pen feels in the hand, to be fair. But once you have written with it for a little while you’ll start to reconsider using “traditional” pens ever again.

The coolest thing about this fine point multi-color pen is that it can accept refill cartridges from Uni-Ball as well as from a whole host of other third-party companies, opening up a lot of different color and configuration options.

Zebra bLen 3C Multi Pens

This Zebra pen is the last of the best fine point multi-color pens we wanted to cover, and it’s probably the best option suited for everyday use.

Offering a real stress-free writing experience, you’ll find the tip of this pen to be cushioned “just right” to allow your ink to flow without restriction – but also without leaking any extra ink and crippling the longevity of the pen along the way.

Available with black, blue, and red ink (you can swap one of the colors out for a mechanical pencil point, too) it’s a simple, streamlined option you’ll reach for time and time again when you just need to jot some notes.

Closing Thoughts

With so many different multi-color pen options available today finding the right one for your needs can sometimes feel like a bit of an uphill battle.

Focus on the options we highlight above, though, and you’ll never struggle to find the right pen with multicolor capabilities ever again.

Good luck!

*Featured image by By Kvardek du – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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