The Best Fountain Pen Case (Under $15!)

Fountain pen enthusiasts, fountain pen hobbyists and fountain pen professionals generally have a lot of fountain pens. And they often have a favorite fountain pen for specific tasks, letter writing, drawing or just signing a document with an elegant and practiced signature. 

If you’re at home, keeping your pens in nice condition may not be a concern. You probably have drawers and fountain pen holders to keep to keep your personal favorite pens safe. Prestigious brands probably came with their own holder so you can just keep them in there.  

But what if you’re out and about? No matter what part of the community of fountain pen lovers you are a part of, you need a quality leather pen case.

We’ve written about pen cases before, but I got a new case that is simple, quality, and relatively cheap. I knew I needed to share it.

So if you are looking for a good high-quality fountain pen case for less than $15 then you need to keep on reading. Because of the cost and quality, I think this is one of the best fountain pen cases for your fountain pens, ballpoints, or rollerballs.

Topoomart PU Leather Pen Case Holder

best fountain pen case

This is the Topoomart Leather Pen Case Holder. It holds up to 12 pens and the list price is right: I spent $12 on Amazon for it.

This leather pen case is 6.7 inches long and 4.7 inches wide. Each side of this leather pen case holds six individual fountain pens or rollerball pens and there is a divider piece that keeps the pens from touching each other.

What Makes This Pen Case So Great

Pen Collection Case

The build is adequate and much better than imagined. The zipper works perfectly and the materials are good. The binding surrounding the protective divider has a small amount of mild buckling. This isn’t something you’d find in a higher-end case, but for the price, it’s a non-issue.

The elastic pen loops are tight, but they can fit a medium-thickness fountain pen in them. I wouldn’t buy this if I wanted to use it with larger wood-turned pens or fat markers. When closed, my larger pens fit on both sides opposite each other, putting a little strain on the zipper. To account for this, I’d stagger the thick and thin ones across from each other. The case has enough elastic loops to accommodate 12 pens. 

The case is made of PU leather, which is also sometimes called faux leather, vegan leather or “pleather.” Unlike real leather products, PU is vegan friendly but has the same aesthetic and feel of genuine leather and can mix easily with your personal style. If the animal source of genuine leather bothers you, this PU leather pen case will keep your pens safe without harming an animal. 

Plus, real leather usually means a substantial price increase and you really don’t need a real leather pen case to keep your pens safe.

What Does The Pen Case Look Like Inside?

best fountain pen cases
fountain pen travel case
A few Lamy’s and Tactile Turn Pens

Final Thoughts

I hope these pictures and short review helped you in looking for a decent small pen case. This could be used as a travel case something you could easily put in a bag or backpack.

If you are interested in purchasing the Topoomart pen case you can purchase it on by clicking here.

Common Questions about Fountain Pen Cases

What is the Best Storage for a Fountain Pen?

If you are looking for a great way to store your fountain pen without breaking the bank, then you have come to the right place.

The best storage option for any fountain pen under $15 is undoubtedly the Topoomart PU Leather Pen Case. Leather pen cases protect your expensive writing tool from dust and dirt and provide ample space for carrying ink cartridges, extra nibs, and other accessories.

Leather, both genuine leather and faux leather, is a classic and timeless material for fountain pen cases. Not only does it look great, but it is also long-lasting and provides excellent protection for your pens. Leather cases are usually very affordable, with many of them costing less than $15.

They can be found in a variety of colors and styles, making it easy to find the perfect case for you. Leather cases are lightweight and similar in size to a pocket notebook making them easy to carry around. 

Is it Better to Store Pens Up or Down?

This is a topic of huge debate.

The posting history of some of the most knowledgeable pen connoisseurs in the world are long and deeply contentious on this issue so I’m afraid to even try answering this question lest their wrath be directed at me. 

Just kidding. 

The fact is, when it comes to storing fountain pens, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. It really depends on the type of pen case you have and what environment you are storing the pens in.

Pen materials themselves are usually pretty durable. If you store your pens upright in a hard-shell case, such as a Pelikan or Cross pen case, then it is usually best to store them with the nib up. 

Other than that, if you have no ink in the pen, it makes no difference one way or another. Storing them sideways is probably the easiest.  

Do Fountain Pens Last Long?

They can.

With proper storage, use and maintenance a well-made pen can last virtually indefinitely. Keep them in a safe place (or a safe case like this one that we’ve reviewed) and keep some cleaning materials nearby to remove ink when you’re done writing.   

Topoomart Fountain Roller Ball Pen Case Holder PU Leather Bag for 12 Pens Color Black
  • High quality PU Leather & fine Stitched Edges for long time use and easy cleaning.
  • Tensile Rubber straps hold pens securely and make it fit different sizes of pens with diameter under 20mm (3/4 inch).
  • Two-layer design keeps your pens well organized, easy accessible and better protected.
  • Classic Black Color, Golden Zipper for convenient use.
  • Pens are for demo only and not included.

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