The Best Pen for Taking Notes | Uni-ball Signo 307

I love taking notes.

This is because I love writing and I love to learn. My wife is constantly complaining about the number of notebooks I purchase, and I have multiple shelves on my bookshelf that are full of journals and notebooks.

I also love pens (I mean I created a whole website about Pens!).

Over the years I’ve gravitated towards my favorite pens for everyday use. For the longest time, I swore by the Pilot G2 pens. I would usually get the fine or extra-fine versions (035, and 05). They wrote so smoothly, and they were very comfortable (even after hours of writing).

But then, somebody recommended I try the Uniball Signo 307. I’m so glad I did because this pen is remarkable. I haven’t purchased Pilot G2s in almost a year because of how much I love this pen.

Here is a writing test of a few of the 307’s I own, compared with a Pilot G2.

Uni-ball 307 vs Pilot G2

Uni-ball says the 307’s use a technology called nanofiber ink. On Uni-ball’s website, it says this technology is a plant-derived material called “cellulose nanofibers.” The technology allows for quick drying. It also helps the ink be evenly distributed when writing.

I don’t really know what this new technology is but I can say that it works. The best features of the 307 are the quick-drying ink and smooth writing.

So whether you are a student taking notes, or need to write notes a lot at your work consider the Uni-ball 307. It can be used for hours and doesn’t smudge. It also has a clean look.

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Pros of the Unibal Signo 207

  • It doesn’t smear! It is one of the only pens I’ve used where I haven’t had smearing issues.
  • The ink comes out smoothly and clean!
  • This pen is ridcilous cheap, yet it writes like a more expensive pen.

Do yourself a favor and purchase some Uni-ball 307s.

Here are some of the 307’s and 207’s currently on Amazon.

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