The Best Places to Buy Sealing Wax?

Wax sealing has been in practice since the Middle Ages, where it was used for official reasons, rather than for decorative or aesthetic purposes. Of course, that didn’t mean that royalty couldn’t embellish when they wanted to and they certainly did.

Today, wax sealing is mostly used as a way to add some flare to your notes and letters, along with your own, personal embellishments. It goes well beyond just holding a letter together, as have the fun is marveling at the design embossed into the melted wax.

If you enjoy using wax seals on your letters and want to know more about it, you’ll need to know where to go to get the best wax sealing equipment, including melting pots, wax spoon holders, beads, wax sticks, and much more. 

Best Online Stores

This is where you are going to find the vast majority of your wax seal materials and the wax itself. It’s not the best shopping method in the world for this sort of hobby, especially since you can’t feel and hold the items. You have to do the best you can and pay close attention to the reviews. 

But since most shopping is done this way nowadays, and not a whole lot of physical stores sell wax sealing kits (even if they do, the selection is usually questionable), it’s often going to be the best option.

No online store list would be complete without Amazon. Of course, Amazon is loathed by some and loved by many, while merely being the epitome of convenience for the rest. It’s not as if Amazon is manufacturing the wax kids, however.

Fortunately, when it comes to purchasing quality wax seal supplies, the stores on Amazon are legitimate ones, especially if you know which ones to look for. 

  • Anezus Wax Envelope Seal Stamp Kit: This is one of the most popular kits available and it comes with nearly everything that you need to get started, or as a healthy resupply, including 24 cups of wax beads, multicolored envelopes, a sealing wax warmer, wax spoon, stamp, and 4 tea candles.
  • Wax Seal Stamp Set:This one is another popular choice and it is designed to cater to those who want a little bit of variety with their stamp seals. 
anezus Wax Envelope Seal Stamp Kit, anezus 645pcs Wax Letter Seal Kit with Wax Seal Beads, Sealing Wax Warmer, Wax Envelopes, Wax Stamp and Metallic Pen for Wax Seal
  • 【Attention:】1. In the process of using fire, please...
  • 【645Pcs Letter Wax Seal Stamp Kit】Anezus wax seal...
  • 【Fanstic for Beginners】 The wax envelope seal stamp...
  • 【Perfect Gift】The sealing wax stamps kit is a...
  • 【MULTIPLE USAGE】The letter seal wax is quickly and...
Wax Seal Stamp Set, Yoption 6 Pieces Sealing Wax Stamps Copper Seals + 1 Piece Wooden Hilt, Vintage Retro Classical Initial Seal Wax Stamp Kit (Tree of Life+Bee+Heart+Compass+Feather+with Love)
  • ★Diameter: Approx. 0.98inch / 2.5cm, Length: Approx....
  • ★Removable Stamp - Easy to Change and Install....
  • ★Seal can be applied on cards, scrapbooking, glass,...
  • ★Avoid to opening furtively for important documents...
  • ★Package: 1*Wooden hilt, 1*Tree of Life seal stamp,...

This is one of the more popular options as a go-to online store for all of your wax sealing needs. There’s not much that you’re not going to find here, as this store has you covered across the board. 

  • Personalized Wax Stamps
  • Sealing Wax
  • Accessories
  • Wax Seals
  • Wax Guns
  • Maker’s Kits
  • Collections

If you prefer the wax stick method, you’ll find pages of color options and the sticks themselves are of a premium look and feel. You’re not going to end up with some cheap, knock-off wax with Artisaire. 

They have 16 varieties of wax beads to choose from along with over 30 wax sticks. The stamp choices are nearly endless, with a very professional aesthetic for each one, not to mention the fact that you can get them personalized.

Letter Seals is another top choice for wax seal aficionados. Letter Seals has a massive range of accessories and collections to choose from, including everything that you need to produce wax seals, such as melting pots, spoon holders, spoons, and wax stamps.

They have so many beads on offer that even the beads have shapes to choose from. There are also large varieties of wax sticks both with the wick and without. Some of their bestsellers are a bit bizarre but they are bestsellers nonetheless, especially if you like bigfoot stamp designs. 

Monogram and initial stamps are included amongst a wide variety of wax stamps. They all come with an embellished and elegant design aesthetic, so you will probably feel like you are royalty, transported back to the Middle Ages to seal letters in the King or Queen’s name.

This one is easy to confuse with the Nostalgic Impressions Facebook page but the two are not to be confused. Nostalgic Impressions is every bit a wax retailer with a fine and robust online selection.

  • Largest selection of wax stamps out of the bunch
  • Adhesive wax seals
  • King’s wax, wick sticks, beads, and wickless sticks
  • A massive variety of colorful wax options
  • Desk accessories from writing stationary to wax kits

There is a bit of a variety here and while the Facebook segment is more focused on writing, the online store is primarily focused on wax. However, the two go hand-in-hand, especially if you’re looking for some nice stationery to write out your letters.

Nostalgic Impressions sells feather quill sets, along with ballpoint and fountain pen versions if you’re heavy into calligraphy as well as sealing your letters with wax. Nothing accommodates a well-written letter in fountain pen or quill pen than a wax stamp.

With Nostalgic Impressions, you get the best of both worlds, and it’s the only store on this list that combines both the writing element of the entire wax seal setup and the wax accessories that you’ll need afterward.

They even have a gift guide, where you can find cost-tiered gifts for many occasions throughout the year, including Mother’s Day. Their wedding category is as expansive as an entire website dedicated to a single genre.

In short, the best online wax shop on our list is Nostalgic Impressions.

Final Thoughts

While some physical stores sell wax seal kits and accessories—there may even be one close to you—the vast majority of wax seal stores are going to be online. Not only are they online, but the sheer volume of available merchandise under that category is beyond extensive. 

While Amazon is probably the easiest to shop and the quickest to deliver, it’s by no means alone and is certainly not always the best. Nostalgic Impressions takes the cake and can probably stamp the cake along with it. 

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