The Best Retractable Felt Tip Pen

Felt tip pens are great for smooth, rich ink lines, and having a retractable feature makes them even more convenient. Artists and writers alike can benefit from these pens, and that’s why we’ve decided to make some recommendations for retractable felt tip pens today.

Our favorite retractable felt-tip pens are slow to dry out, comfortable to hold, and made with quality felt and other materials. These include models from Click Art and Sharpie brands. 

Keep reading to learn more about which felt tip retractable pens are the best on the market. We’ll cover the pros and cons of each and also suggest some non-retractable alternatives that use felt tips.

Best Retractable Felt-Tip Pens

A decent retractable pen with a felt tip should meet the following criteria:

  • Writes smoothly
  • Easy to hold (based on weight and design)
  • Has anti-drying features
  • Has a fine tip
  • Doesn’t smear or bleed

1. Sharpie Retractable Fine Point Permanents

Sharpie is one of the most classic brands for felt-tipped writing tools. And their fine-tipped markers work great as felt pens, with an easy-to-use retractable click feature for convenience. 

It has a contoured grip, pocket clip, and pressure-resistant tip for ultimate writing performance. And we like that it uses eco-conscious chemicals in its ink formula. 


  • The safety seal valve prevents drying out of the tip
  • Ink is smudge-resistant
  • Ink is fast-drying
  • Non-toxic ink


  • Not odorless
  • The ink supply is not visible
  • Not refillable 
SHARPIE Retractable Permanent Markers, Fine Point, Black, 12 Count
  • Proudly permanent ink marks on paper, plastic, metal, and most other surfaces

2. Zebra Pen Click Art MRKR Assorted 12-Pack

Click Art’s Zebra Pen pack is a retractable, fine-tipped pen set for clean writing lines, precision, and vibrant color. 

With an average of 4.7/5.0 stars on Amazon and hundreds of reviews, customers love this pen for its ease of use and value for money. It’s a high-quality retractable felt pen set that you can still get on a budget ($16.04).


  • Uses anti-drying ink technology so they last longer
  • Capless design
  • Comes in 12 colors
  • Lightweight (0.32 ounces)
  • Great for artists
  • Minimalist design 


  • The tip isn’t as fine as other pens (0.6mm)
  • Ink isn’t refillable 
  • Ink can bleed through thin paper

3. BIC® Intensity Retractable Permanent Fine Bullet Tip

BIC’s Intensity Retractable pens are a worthy opponent to Sharpie’s retractable pens. These fine tip felt pens have an easy one-click retractable feature to keep the tip moist and protected. It’s a very versatile pen capable of writing permanently on surfaces like glass, paper, metal, plastic, photographs, and more. 

We recommend this pen for its classic design and convenient pocket clip. It’s also more budget-friendly when compared to similar pens by Sharpie.


  • Anti-dry out seal guard
  • Low-odor ink
  • Acid-free ink


  • Thicker pen body design
  • Ink is not refillable 

Alternatives – Non-Retractable Felt-Tip Pens

Unfortunately, finding a pen that is both felt-tipped and retractable is harder than it may seem. However, there are plenty of felt-tipped pens on the market that have caps to close them. Check out some of our alternative recommendations that don’t have a click-close design but are still worthwhile.

1. Lelix Felt Tip Colored Pens 

These felt-tipped pens are great for both writers and artists, with 30 colors in the pack (including traditional black ink). Although they aren’t fine-tipped (which is preferable for writing), they have ink with high-quality and long-lasting pigment. 

These pens are great for both adults and children, as they’re both non-toxic and free of odors. They create quick-drying and smooth lines with vibrant color. We recommend them if you want value for the cost (under $20) and a versatile, non-bleeding pen set.


  • Durable, anti-fraying tip
  • Resistant to fading
  • Resistant to smearing
  • Don’t bleed through paper


  • Medium-tip (0.7mm)
  • Non-retractable 
Lelix 30 Colors Felt Tip Pens, Medium Point Assorted Markers Pens For Journaling, Writing, Note Taking, Planner Coloring, Perfect for Art Office and School Supplies
  • VIRANT COLORS: Lelix felt tip pens set has 30 bright and vivid colors. Versatile Felt Tip and Rich Colors can create...

2. Arteza Black Felt Tip Pens

Arteza’s pens are a classic choice for professionals who want the smooth precision of a black felt-tipped pen. Although they have a slightly thicker nib (1.0-1.5 mm), they use high-quality ink that dries quickly to avoid smears and smudges on your paper. The water-based ink is great for offices and at home.  

The fiber tip material allows smooth and non-breaking lines, and the pens are super lightweight for comfort when using them. They’re also well-rated for longevity, ease of use, and value for the price ($13.49 for a 12-pack).


  • Non-toxic ink
  • Non-bleeding ink
  • Smear-free ink 
  • Quick-drying ink


  • Thicker tip than most felt tip pens
ARTEZA Black Felt Tip Pens, Pack of 12, 1.0–1.5 mm Fiber Tip, Quick-Drying Water-Based Ink, Art Supplies for School, Office, and Home
  • The Felt Tip Helps Ink Flow Freely: You can produce smooth, even lines with our felt-tip markers, as the fiber tip...

Final Thoughts

For those looking for a quality and high-value felt tip pen with a retractable feature, hopefully, our recommendations have helped. These products are both well-reviewed by customers and stand out from competitor pens for their quality, design, and comfort factors. 

When shopping for a felt-tip pen, be sure to consider the quality of the ink (does it bleed or smear?) and the quality of the nib (is it durable and long-lasting?). Good luck finding the perfect pen for your supply kit!

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