Thoughts on Tactile Turn’s Trailhead (Seasonal Release)

The Trailhead is Tactile Turn’s latest Seasonal Release.

I’ll be honest, this was the first Tactile Turn pen I’ve owned that hasn’t wowed me.

This is partly because of how light it is. In my opinion, a good pen should have some heft to it.

When you first pick up the pen, it feels light and delicate. It feels like I could easily bend it in half.

The best part of this pen is the clip. It has a sasquatch silhouetted etched into it as well as some nice trees.

Tactile Turn Seasonal Releases

Tactile Turn Seasonal Releases

If you aren’t familiar with the seasonal releases, Tactile Turn has been creating seasonal releases for the past two years. About every 3-4 months they come out with a new pen.

These pens are themed and only can be purchased during a small window. After that, your only hope of purchasing one of these pens is on eBay or a Tactile Turn Facebook group.

So far, every seasonal release has increased in value, and can usually only be purchased for more than the original sales price.

The Trailhead!

Tactile Turn Trailhead

Here is what comes with the Trailhead. It includes the commemorative card which comes with seasonal releases.

Holding a Tactile Turn Pen

This is the “short” size which comes in 5.3 inches. There are three sizes for the Trailhead: Standard [5.8″], Short [5.3″], and Mini [4.6″].

Tactile Turn Trailhead Side Click

The Trailhead is based on the new slim side-click model by Tactile Turn. This is where I have my first issue with the Trailhead. It isn’t as smooth as other Tactile Turn mechanisms. It gets stuck often, and I have to really push the red button to release the mechanism.

Tactile Turn sasquatch

Here is the clip. This is my favorite look on the pen. I love the trees and sasquatch. Many people have had issues with the clip breaking off (its a new design), so far Tactile Turn has owned the mistake and fixed the clip for new shipments.

With other Tactile Turn pens, the clip is too strong to use. The metal doesn’t bend and I can’t attach the clip to anything. However, I can use the Trailhead’s clip to attach to my notebooks.

Tactile Turn Body

The body is Cerakote. I like this design. It’s pretty faint though.

Tactile Turn Pens

The Trailhead compared to other Tactile Turn Pens I have. The green pen is another Seasonal Release called The Fairway.


Even though it’s not my favorite seasonal release by Tactile Turn, I still like this pen and I will be holding on to it. The nice thing about these pens is they hold their value (with many of them appreciating over time). I’m weary of the clip breaking. If it does, I will update this article!

If you are interested in purchasing The Trailhead, you have until October 30, 2022.

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