Tips on Storing a Lamy Fountain Pen

Lamy Fountain Pens are excellent fountain pens and Lamy has gone well out of its way in developing several lines that have very unique looks, from interesting color palettes to boxy designs with visible ink flow lines. They also make excellent entry-level fountain pens as well as premium, collector-level versions as well. 

Whether it’s an entry-level or a premium fountain pen, all Lamy Pens should be stored and cared for correctly. They’re still fountain pens after all, which means temperature, placement, carrying methods, long-term, and short-term storage should be done right. 

At the end of the day, a fountain pen is a fountain pen and the unique characteristics of fountain pens require a different touch, even over that of premium gel, ballpoint, or rollerball pens. 

All fountain pens have a tendency to leak if stored incorrectly and if you decide that you want to start collecting them, adequate storage routines are a must, even if it’s just for overnight.

Why Do Lamy Fountain Pens Need Adequate Storage Options?

There are two things that unused fountain pens will do if they aren’t stored or used properly: they will leak or the ink will dry up in the reservoir or at the nib. Since either situation is not ideal, the way you store your Lamy Fountain Pen is just as important as where. 

Also, how you store your fountain pen is associated with how you use it. If you never use it, you shouldn’t have ink in it and if you use it on a daily basis, you should store it sideways when not in use so that the nib remains when and you can pick up where you left off. 

Ink clogs create a variety of problems with Lamy Fountain Pens (or any fountain pens for that matter) so the last thing that you want is to allow the ink to dry up inside.

If you are having issues with your Lamy check out our article on unclogging fountain pens.

Before You Store Your Lamy Fountain Pen

As mentioned above, if you’re using it every day, then laying it sideways in its case is a non-issue. The nib will remain wet and when you pick it up to start writing the next day, the ink should continue flowing smoothly.

However, if you store your fountain pen for several days or even weeks between uses, you need to thoroughly clean the pen first. You should also remove the ink that’s in it, assuming that you are not using ink cartridges. 

If you are using ink cartridges, you can simply remove them and place them somewhere safe and on their own, where it’s not likely to dry up on you. When it comes to ink, the positioning of the pen is important.

How to Properly Store Your Lamy Fountain Pen

How you store your fountain pen is entirely dependent on whether or not there is ink in the Lamy Fountain Pen and how long you’re going to store it. 

  • Up to one year(Horizontal): Remove all ink from the Lamy Fountain Pen, clean it thoroughly, and store it horizontally.
  • Up to two weeks: You can store your Lamy Fountain Pen for up to two weeks with the ink still inside. Anything longer than that and you should remove the ink and thoroughly clean your Lamy Fountain Pen.
  • Up to one year (Vertical): Just like horizontal storage, you can store your Lamy Fountain Pen for up to a year vertically.
  • Up to one month: You can store your Lamy Fountain Pen, with the ink still inside, for up to one month in a vertical position. That gives you double the amount of time that you can store it horizontally with the ink still inside of it. 

That’s a decent, bird’s-eye view of the storage requirements for your Lamy Fountain Pen, with or without ink. Remember, ink is affected by gravity, just like anything else. Unless your Lamy Fountain Pen is empty, you should never store it upside down, even for a few hours. 

Gravity will do its job if you do and you run the risk of your ink flowing out of the nib and filling up your Lamy cap. That would be an unpleasant surprise when you pull the cap off the next day. 

When you have ink in the Lamy Pen, you should always store it vertically with the nib facing up or horizontal, so long as the horizontal position lasts no longer than 2 weeks. 

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How to Store Your Lamy Fountain Pen When Traveling

First and foremost, if at all possible, never place your Lamy Fountain Pen in your luggage. You should carry it on your person if at all possible. When it comes to airports, no one is going to strip search you over a Lamy Fountain Pen.

If you have no choice but to place it in luggage, especially luggage that you cannot carry on, you should clean it and remove the ink, place it in its case, and ensure that there is plenty of cushioning around the case, such as clothing or towels. 

Always keep your Lamy Fountain Pen upright when traveling with it on yourself. You can either do so by placing it in its case and carrying it in your pocket, or using Lamy’s unique, paperclip-designed clasps to keep it in place in a pocket.

Always completely fill your Lamy Fountain Pen before you head out. The less air that’s in the pocket, the less pressure that may push the ink out of the tip as you are moving around. 

If you have a small storage bag that you can carry along with you, or a purse, it’s the best place for your Lamy Fountain Pen and you can come up with any method that you want for keeping it upright so long as it is stored in the bag.

Final Thoughts

Lamy Fountain Pens aren’t difficult to store but it’s certainly not like storing a ballpoint pen. The main thing that you need to worry about is gravity, longevity, and whether or not you are storing it for a few days, a few weeks, or for a far longer timeframe. 

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