What are the Best Pens for Lefties?

If you’re left-handed, you already know the frustration of ink smudging as you write across the page. Pens with fast-drying ink are ideal for left-handed writers, as the ink dries quickly and doesn’t smear – and, perhaps just as important, doesn’t stain the side of your hand after writing. 

So what are the best pens for lefties? 

  • Uni-Ball Jetstream Ballpoint Pen
  • Zebra Sarasa Gel Pens
  • Pilot Multiball Pen
  • Pelikan Pelikano Fountain Pen
  • Pentel EnerGel RTX
  • Uni-Ball Power Tank Ballpoint Pens
  • Tombow Zoom 505 Liquid Ink Rollerball Pens
  • Fisher Bullet Space Pen

The rest of this article will tell you everything you need to know about each of these pens, how they work for lefties, and the common challenges posed by left-handed writers in a right-handed world. 

What are the Common Challenges Lefties Face When Writing?

There are a few challenges that lefties face when writing. The ideal pen would address each of these concerns and make writing easier for a left-handed writer. 

  1. Hand cramps
  2. Ink smudging and smearing
  3. Pen tips catching on paper
  4. Poor ink flow
  5. Uncomfortable notebooks (especially spiral-bound)

What are the Best Pens for Lefties? 

Read on to learn more about the pens considered best for left-handed writers. Amazon links are included for each entry. 

Uni-Ball Jetstream Ballpoint Pen

This pen has many features attractive to left-handed users – a comfortable grip to prevent cramping, quick-drying ink, and a smooth ballpoint tip that provides quick writing without necessitating much pressure from the user. 

The pen comes with a stylish stainless steel design, lending an air of elegance to an everyday item, and is available in black, blue, and red ink. Despite its high-end appearance, the Uni-Ball Jetstream Ballpoint Pen is an affordable option for around $10 for a 3-pack. 

Zebra Sarasa Gel Pen

Available in a rainbow of colors, the Zebra Sarasa Gel Pen is an ideal pen for left-handed users. The greatest asset of this pen is the quick-drying ink, which is almost instant, leading to a smudge-free writing experience. 

Aside from its quick-drying ink, this pen provides crisp, dark lines and a smooth writing experience. Being a gel pen, less pressure is needed for the ink to flow freely, reducing potential cramping. 

A multicolored pack of 20 in a reusable storage case costs around $17, making this pen an affordable option for any budget.  

Zebra Pen Sarasa Clip Retractable Gel Pen, Fine Point, 0.5mm, Rainbow Assorted Colors, 20-Pack
  • 0.5mm fine point gel ink in assorted colors is perfect for journaling, note taking, studying and more
  • Water-based pigment ink is acid free, archival quality and water resistant for a long-lasting impression

Pilot Multiball Pen

Pilot has a long history of quality and is currently one of the most popular pen brands in the nation. The Pilot Multiball Pen not only writes well on paper but also on multiple other surfaces, making it an ideal choice for anyone who works in industries where paper is 

Pilot Multi Ball Ballpoint Pen, Black Ink (LM-10F-B)
  • Product Type: Writing Instrument
  • Package Quantity; 1

Pentel EnerGel RTX Retractable Liquid Gel Pen

These colorful pens come in a wide range of colors and are great for artists, avid journal writers, and anyone who values a splash of colors in their everyday writing.

The liquid ink in the chamber flows freely through the fine point when applied to paper, so the user doesn’t have to exert much pressure when writing, leading to a smooth and pleasant writing experience.

The Pentel EnerGel RTX Retractable Liquid Gel Pen is retractable, preventing ink bleed when not in use. Each pen also comes equipped with a contoured rubber grip, and Pentel advertises the pen as ideal for left-handed users. It is an affordable option, with a price tag of around $15 for a multicolored pack of 5. 

Pentel Gel Ink Pen, Retractable , 0.5mm, Metal Tip, Assorted Ink Colors, Pack of 5 (BLN75BP5M)
  • High performance ink technology combines the best qualities of liquid and gel ink for a super-smooth writing experience
  • Liquid gel ink dries so fast even left handed writers love it - no smears, no smudges, no globs

Pelikan Pelikano Fountain Pen

This German-made pen with its ergonomic grip is known for quality and is arguably the best fountain pen for left-handed users. It even features a line of pens for young writers, known as the Pelikan Pelikano Junior Fountain Pens.

Unlike other fountain pens, the Pelikan Pelikano’s nib doesn’t catch on the paper. The ink flows smoothly, requiring little pressure during writing, and has a cap to prevent ink from leaking when not in use.   

Each pen is available for either right or left-handed users. It comes in both a sleek, black, and silver style or a fun, colorful design for its younger users. 

While the pen itself is on the pricier side, costing around $23 for one, ink cartridge refills are available for $4.39 for a pack of six. 

Pelikan Pelikano Fountain Pen, Medium Nib, Black, Boxed, 1 Each (803021)
  • Classic fountain pen made in Germany
  • Ergonomic soft grip for non-fatigue writing

Uni-Ball Power Tank Ballpoint Pens

This popular pen, from a well-known brand, is a great, affordable option for lefties. Its ink dries fast, and it is an ideal pen that works on various surfaces – including on greasy or damp paper and in hot or cold temperatures.

Air pressure inside the tube pushes the ink out, making the outside temperature or direction irrelevant to the pen’s functioning. A comfortable rubber grip reduces cramping and gives the user a comfortable hold on the pen during use. 

There are a few different versions of the Uni-Ball Power Tank Ballpoint Pen, but the standard version is arguably the best for lefties given the large rubber grip. 

This is a great pen that won’t break the bank, costing just north of $10 for a pack of five. 

Uni-ball Power Tank Ballpoint Retractable & Fine Ballpoint Pen Rubber Grip Type-0.7mm-black Ink-value Set of 5
  • Ink is always pushed out by the pressure of air
  • Ideal for the outdoors or the work which stands and comes out, since it can write also upward

Tombow Zoom 505 Liquid Ink Rollerball Pens

This lesser-known pen has an elegant, balanced feel to it that adds an element of class to everyday writing. While it is a heavier pen, it is well balanced and provides a comfortable grip. 

Like traditional rollerball pens, the Tombow Zoom 505 has free-flowing ink that doesn’t dry as quickly as some of the other entries on our list. So be aware of its slower drying time when you purchase it. 

This elegant pen writes smoothly with little effort, reducing cramping, and comes with a cap to prevent leaking ink when not in use.

While the Tombow Zoom 505 is on the pricier side, costing around $20 for one, refills can be purchased when the current cartridge is empty. 


Fisher Bullet Space Pen

This smooth pen with its unique, modern shape was originally designed for astronauts to write with while in space. Like the Uni-Ball Power Tank pen, its ink flow comes from a pressurized chamber that pushes the ink out regardless of outside conditions. 

The Fisher Bullet Space Pen can write vertically, upside down, and any which way. It writes smoothly and with little pressure. Available for around $30 for one, this unusual pen is sure to satisfy. 

fisher SPACE PEN 400B Space Bullet Space Pen - Matte Black
  • Writes at any angle, even in zero gravity.
  • When closed, bullet space pens are the perfect size to carry in your wallet, pocket, purse, car glove box, organizer, or...

Common Questions about the Best Pens for Left Handed Writers

Do Left Handed People Need Special Pens?

Theoretically, left handers can use any fountain pen, gel pen or rollerball pen that they like. 

In practice, it can be hard to have a smooth writing experience when using a pen that doesn’t have special features that accommodate left handers. This is because of the mechanics of writing in most western languages. 

For example, in English, we read and write left to right. This means that a left handed writer writes with their fountain pen, and then passes their hand over the text they just wrote. Unless the pen has quick drying ink, this leads to smudging ink unless the writer holds their hand up above the writing surface which can be very uncomfortable and not exactly conducive to smooth flow.

The best pens for lefties have features that help to overcome these obstacles and facilitate a smooth writing experience. 

Can You Buy a Left-Handed Pen?


If you are a leftie looking for the best pen, best fountain pen, best gel pen, best rollerball pen or even best calligraphy pen to work with you do have options. 

Online stores like Amazon have many options, but if you’d like to actually feel a pen in your hand before you buy it you may consider visiting an office supply or stationary store. These speciality stores have a wide selection of writing utensils, ink, gel ink, ledgers, notepads and other tools to choose from. 

So What are the Best Pens for Lefties?

Hopefully this list of fountain pens, gel, pens and rollerball pens helps.

They all have great features for left handed people; ergonomic grip, smooth ink flow and fast drying ink among others and we feel that any left handed pen sourced from this list will please left handed writers.

That being said, this list is by no means exhaustive and finding the right pen, or even the perfect pen, for a pleasantly consistent writing experience is something that each individual will need to do through experimentation. 

Even if left-handed people don’t find the perfect pen from this list, we’re confident that using these pens will help them to find other pens that may work well for them. 

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