What Is A Rollerball Pen? – A Beginners Guide

You probably know that there are a few different kinds of pens out there: Ballpoint, gel, rollerball. But you might not have any clue about how they differ from one another.

Rollerball pens are exactly what they sound like. There’s a ball at the tip of the pen that rolls around as you write. This means that the ink is transferring from the inside of the pen to the paper as you move it along the page. These pens also use liquid water-based ink, which is smooth and similar to a fountain pen. 

The rest of this article is going to teach you all about rollerball pens, including their benefits, their negatives, and how to use them. Let’s get into it!

Are Rollerball Pens Different Than Other Pens?

Rollerball pens are different from other pens, but only in a couple of ways. For one, rollerball pens use a different kind of ink. They use liquid water-based ink, whereas ballpoint pens use viscous oil-based ink and gel pens use gel water-based ink. Though it may not seem like a big difference, the type of ink used really does change what it looks like on paper.

Writing with a Waterman Expert Rollerball Pen
Waterman Expert Rollerball Pen

Rollerball pens tend to be easier on the hands, not causing as much strain when you write. They also take longer to dry than other pens do, which a lot of people see as a disadvantage. However, some of the higher-end rollerball pens (like the Waterman Expert Rollerball Pen) have amazingly quick dry time.

Other than this, there aren’t really many ways that rollerball pens differ from other common pens. They all store ink on the inside which comes out as you write on the paper. Their differences just come down to how easy they are to use and how they look once they are used on paper.

What Are The Benefits Of Rollerball Pens?

Many people like using rollerball pens because they make it easier to write for long periods of time. Since the ink is liquid and water-based and comes out as the pen moves, you don’t have to push on the pen very hard to get it to write nice, smooth lines. This makes it a lot less likely that your hand is going to be straining as you write.

Example of writing with a Waterman Expert Rollerball Pen

Less straining on your hands also means that you can write quicker and be more efficient. This is a great benefit of a rollerball pen, especially if you are in a fast-paced environment and need to get things written quickly. Furthermore, it’s a lot less likely that your hand will start shaking from writing with a rollerball pen, which means the words will be clearer.

The ink of rollerball pens is also more vibrant when you write compared to other types of pens. It’s clear on the page, and it looks very put together and professional. You don’t really have to worry about dull ink or breaking in the lines as you would with a gel or ballpoint pen. This is a big reason that a lot of people prefer rollerball pens.

Lastly, rollerball pens often come in a lot of different colors. Other pens, specifically ballpoint, may only come in your typical red, blue, or black colors. This is fine if you are just looking for something to get the job done. But if you want to spice up your writing or drawing with some fun colors, rollerball pens are likely to have a good amount to choose from.

Are There Negatives To Using A Rollerball Pen?

Rollerball pens can bleed through the paper if it isn’t thick enough, which is annoying if you are trying to write in a notebook or on a two-sided sheet of paper. These pens can also feel kind of scratchy if you aren’t using them on the right type of paper.

So rollerball pens can be hard to use if you don’t have a high-quality paper to write on. This might bother a lot of people who just want to use regular paper, but if you usually purchase high-quality paper then it shouldn’t be an issue. Furthermore, if you don’t really care about the ink bleeding through or the pen not writing smoothly, it won’t be a problem. 

Rollerball pens also take longer to dry than most other pens. This can result in smudging, especially if you are left-handed. This means that left-handed people have a very hard time using rollerball pens and will often resort to using a different kind just to avoid ink smudging.

Are Rollerball Pens Better Than Other Pens?

A lot of people think that rollerball pens are better than your typical ballpoint or gel pens, but it still varies from person to person.

Some people really enjoy the bold, smooth writing that a rollerball pen offers, believing that it’s better than other pens because of this. The fact that rollerball pens don’t cause hand strain as easily is also a big reason that people think they are better.

However, some people don’t like rollerball pens because of how long they take to dry. People also might not enjoy how bold the pen ink writes, because it bleeds through the page onto the other side. 

So there is no definitive answer on whether rollerball pens are better than other pens. A lot of people would say they are, but there are definitely some who would beg to differ. It’s up to you to use a rollerball pen and decide for yourself if you prefer it to other common pens.

Final Thoughts

Overall, rollerball pens are pretty nice to use as long as you’re not left-handed. They write smoothly, and their ink is bold and pronounced on the page. There are some negatives to them, but it all just comes down to what you prefer.

Hopefully, this article has given you some more insight into rollerball pens and helped you understand the good and bad things about them.

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