What Is An EDC Pen? EDC Explained Here

If you’ve ever come across the phrase EDC pen, you might be wondering what this is and what you might use one of these pens for. There is a lot to learn when it comes to stationery, so let’s find out more!

An EDC pen stands for “EveryDay Carry”, and it’s a pen that is designed to be right for every circumstance. It is a pen for action, so it will be tough, versatile, rugged, and stylish all at once. These pens can be tossed in your bag and they write reliably and never let you down.

That might sound like everything you want in a pen, and if so, it’s worth finding out a bit more about what earns a pen the EDC title. Read on to learn more!

What Is An EDC Pen?

What is an EDC Pen
EDC Items

An EDC pen is there to meet your needs at all times; it’s the pen that you always have to hand, that works no matter what task you are undertaking. An EDC pen must do all of the following:

  • Write well
  • Have plenty of ink
  • Fit easily into a bag or pocket
  • Look reasonably nice
  • Have a good grip
  • Be lightweight

Some people feel the pens also ought to double up and serve a secondary purpose, such as being a weapon for self-defense. Most don’t have caps (as these are easy to lose when you are on the go) and will depend upon a push, click, or twist mechanism instead. Many of these pens are also refillable, so you don’t have to replace the whole pen – just the ink.

The philosophy behind an EDC pen is that it should be as useful as possible with a minimal amount of fuss. It should also be able to stand up to rough treatment, as you will be slinging it in a bag or pocket, rather than tucking it in a safe box in a desk drawer. That usually means a metal barrel, although not always.

As you can imagine, a wide range of pens fit the bill, with very varied qualities. A lot of EDC pens are pricey because they are designed and manufactured with high-quality materials, in order to be durable. But fans of the EDC aesthetic don’t mind the price because a good pen will never let them down. Let’s look at a few options below.

BASTION Aluminum Bolt Action Pen

If you are looking for an extremely stylish entry-level EDC pen, the BASTION aluminum bolt action pen is an excellent choice. It’s refillable and has a fine point for creating elegant script and quick notes, and it comes in a variety of colors. This means you are more likely to be able to keep hold of your pen or distinguish it if someone borrows it.

The pocket clip is also sturdy, so you can latch it onto your bag or pocket and always have it handy, without having to rummage around.

BASTION® Premium Bolt Action Pen, 5.25" Aluminum Lightweight Fine Tip Retractable Ballpoint Pen for Stylish Signature and Writing, Ink Refillable Pen for Business and School - Seafoam
  • Lightweight EDC Pen: Made of 100% Aircraft Grade Aluminum in black finish. The pen writes smoothly in the lightest...
  • Bolt Action Mechanism: With premium machined CNC precision design, BASTION pens bring together functionality and...
  • Robust Metal Cartridge: The cartridge is engineered in compliance with industry quality standards and specifically...
  • Not Just an Ordinary Pen: This EDC pen can also be an emergency tool you can take anywhere without intimidating anybody....
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It writes smoothly and has black ink, so it’s ideal if you need to fill in forms or create other official documents where brighter colors might not be suitable. The barrel is beautifully smooth and made of aluminum, so it should stand up to at least some rough treatment.

It has a bolt action to retract the nib, removing any need for a cap, and providing a nice tool to fidget with if you are bored. All in all, the quality is excellent, making this a perfect pen for EDC fanatics.

Tactile Turn Pens

Are Tactile Turn Pens Good?
Bolt Action Titanium Pen. Source: Tactile Turn

If you like the idea of the bolt action, you will fall in love with Tactile Turn pens, which employ the same method and offer the best possible quality. These are not the cheapest option, but they have superior grip and beautifully designed metal barrels, with a choice of titanium, copper, bronze, or zirconium.

The pens come with a lifetime warranty, so they are ideal if you want a tool that you can treat a little roughly. They won’t break if you toss them in your bag or stuff them in a pocket, and if they do, you can get a replacement.

Despite their toughness, they are elegant to a fault, with a simple design, and a touch of color on the bolt action. Few other pens could compete with the style that these pens encapsulate. They do cost a lot at $100 per pen, but if you are good at keeping track of your tools, this investment could be well worth it.

As an extra nice touch, you can get these pens engraved, making them an ideal gift for that special person you know who always likes to be prepared. As a graduation present or for an 18th birthday, they make a fantastic option, leaving your lucky recipient thoroughly prepared for the future.


If Tactile Turn is a little out of your budget, you might want to try the SMOOTHERPRO bolt action pen. This pen comes in 3 different colors and while it may not have quite the swish appearance of the Tactile Turn pen, it’s an acceptable replacement.

SMOOTHERPRO Bolt Action Pen with Tungsten Side 3 Colors for EDC Pocket Color Black(TP156)
  • Constructed with unbreakable aircraft aluminum metal alloy 6061-T6 material, balanced weight for writing and holding.
  • Standard refills are commonly used in this pen and you can get anywhere super easy to exchange refills. Widely...
  • Well buffed to avoid potential cuts during your EDC use with an extra-strong pocket clip; the Tungsten side is used for...
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The barrel offers a good grip and the same turn action mechanism which means you don’t need to mess around with a cap. It is made of aluminum so it should stand up to a good amount of rough handling, and it writes nicely. It is also lightweight, so you can take notes for a long time without getting any hand or wrist pain.

The clip is not as sturdy as on some other pens, but overall, it should stand up well to being used daily, and it comes with a refill, so you should get a good amount of writing out of it before you need to buy more ink.


EDC pens are the right-hand man of a keen organizer, and if you love having everything in order, a reliable and high-quality EDC pen is crucial. You can get these pens to suit a range of budgets and preferences, so pick one that’s ideal for you, and you’ll fall in love.

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