What Pen Case Should I Get?

What Pen Case Should I Get?

Ever since pens have been around, people have wanted a place to store them. Whether it was for display, on the go, or as a gift, people have produced cases for their treasured pens. They take many shapes and sized and this article will cover the different options for pen cases.

Display Cases

Display cases exist to show off prized possessions. Whether the possession is a watch, fine china, action figures, or pens, people naturally want to display items that are valuable and have meaning to them. These cases are a must for pen enthusiasts. Since only one pen can be used at a time, a display. case is the perfect spot to put the other pens not being used at the time.

Pens often carry sentimental memories and having a display case is one way to feel nostalgic. Gary Holland once said, “It’s not our art, but our heart on display.”  Below are some high quality pen display cases.

Montego Pen Box

Montego Pen Box by Tech Swiss – This display case is a high quality case containing up to 13 pens in each drawer. It comes in Burlwood or Black. Each slot has a nice velvet material to ensure that the pens are not scratched or damaged in any way.

Lifomenz Co Pen Box

Lifomenz Co Pen Display Box – Similar to the Montego Pen Box in the two drawer design, the Lifomenz Co Pen Display Box can hold up to 20 pens. It also uses velvet in the pen slots, but also contains leather sides to add to the premium feel. It has a high grade ebony look.

Tomum Display Stand

TOMUM 12 Layers Clear Acrylic Display Stand – This is a stand instead of the conventional display box. This abstract feel definitely presents the pens in a unique way. Instead of looking through a pane of glass, each pen is leveled for optimum viewing.

Travel Cases

Travel cases exist so that there is no need to worry about pens breaking when on the go. Not only do they offer protection for the pens, but they also organize your materials allowing for easy access. Travel cases such sometimes have one spot for pens with elastic bands to keep the pens in one place. Many of these travel cases offer protection against the elements such as water and dust resistance. Some cases use an elastic band to close it, while others use zippers.

When choosing a travel case, it is important to keep in mind the contents being stored. Some cases can hold a few pens, while others can hold other accessories as well such as USB drives, charging cables, keys, computer adapters, and all sorts of small items.

Pencil Case

Kuuqa Black Hard Pencil Case – An affordable hard shell case with zipper. It has elastic bands to hold pens in place with a netted area for smaller accessories.

Moleskine Pen Case

Moleskine Classic Hard Pen Case – Moleskine has a reputation for high quality products and this case also fits the bill.

Gift Boxes

This section is last because some new pens come in their own containers. However, it can really spruce up the gift by putting the pen in a decorative gift box. It is easy to find small boxes that fit one pen. The majority of pen boxes are small boxes that are available for mass purchase. They are made for presentation and are not meant to be a travel case. The durability of the materials used in most pen gift cases is not the best.

It is common to find pen gift sets. These include pens along with the case. Some gift sets even include journals. While these make great gifts, it sometimes means getting a subpar pen. If the recipient isn’t a pen enthusiast, then this will not cause any issues. Below are a few options that show the wide variety of this area.

Pen Set

Sharper Glory Pen Set– A classic gift box, This set includes two matching pens, a rollerball and ballpoint pen.

24 Piece Gift Box Set

24-Piece Gift Box Set by Juvale – For a very affordable price, this gift box set includes 24 boxes! These are great for large gifts at an office party, or any other event with multiple people.

Leather Pen Case

DiLoro Leather Pen Case – This case uses premium leather and has a wonderful look as a gift. It’s lightweight and stylish. A great option!

Looking for More Information?

For more information on what pens to put in these cases, check out our articles on Rollerball pens, Ballpoint pens, or Fountain pens.

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