What’s The Finest Point Pen?

Sometimes, when you’re working on something fiddly and small, you need a pen with a very fine nib, and fortunately, there are a lot out there. If you do a lot of fine design work or even if you just like delicate writing, you might be wondering, what’s the finest point pen?

Pens are constantly being developed to have finer and finer tips, but in general, the finest point you will find is 0.05 mm – anything smaller than that tends not to work. You can find great pens in this size, however, perfect for all your design needs.

If you require a pen that will allow you to complete super delicate work, you’ll be wondering – what’s the finest point pen? Let’s find out!

What’s The Finest Point Pen?

The finest point pen currently in existence is 0.05 mm. This is much finer than any other kind of pen on the market and tends to be used by graphic designers and artists for outlining work and creating a very tiny script.

If you purchase a pack of fine point pens, you will likely discover that this is the smallest in the pack. The same is true if you buy them individually. There currently aren’t any finer nibs than this.

In general, even fineliners will have nibs thicker than 0.05 mm, with 0.1 and higher numbers being the commonest options.

Why Don’t Pens Go Finer Than 0.05 MM?

If you were surprised to read that 0.05 mm is the smallest and finest pen point you can get, you might be wondering why that is. There’s likely demand for even finer pens, so why don’t they exist?

The simple reason is likely to be the logistics. 0.05 mm is very small, and to make a pen nib finer still would be a major challenge. After all, the nib needs to have enough fibers to hold and express the ink, and it also needs to be tough enough not to break when you press with it.

You do need to be careful when using a 0.05 mm nib as they can be fragile, but most are strong enough to hold up to normal wear and tear. However, if manufacturers tried to scale down further, they would likely get complaints about the pen quality.

There might also be problems with getting the ink to transfer smoothly from the cartridge inside the pen onto the paper. Even so, there are lots of options, so let’s explore the finest point pens available.

Pentel Arts Pointliner Drawing Pen

So, if you are looking to get the finest option out there and buy pens with a 0.05 mm nib, you should choose a Pentel Arts Pointliner Drawing Pen. These ultra-fine tips should work for all your drawing needs and ensure that you can create extremely detailed work without smudges or spreading lines.

The tips are robust and designed to create clean, smooth lines. They won’t sputter or degrade, and the ink dries fast, reducing the risk of you smudging it as you put the next line in place.

You’ll get 12 pens in this pack, all 0.05 mm, to ensure you don’t run out. They aren’t refillable, so when one is finished, you’ll need others to replace it with, especially if you do lots of design work. The ink is waterproof and the pens are comfortable to hold, and you can also purchase them in larger point sizes if you need them.

The cap fits the pen well, preventing it from drying up, and although it is made of plastic (like the rest of the pen), it’s robust enough to last. These pens are only available in black, but they are great for a variety of uses and will serve all your fine lining needs.

Pilot Precise V5 Stick Liquid Ink Rolling Ball

If you want some colors instead, you will need to compromise a bit on the nib, but you can still get a very fine point. These Pilot Precise V5 Stick Liquid Ink pens are 0.5 mm, which is quite a bit thicker but should still be suitable for a lot of design work and outlining.

The benefit is that you get a range of colors, including blue, red, purple, green, turquoise, pink, and black, so you can massively expand the scope of the work you can do. This is really nice if you’re journaling or completing personal projects, and you want to make them look pretty. They are also great for color-coding college notes or schoolwork.

The pens are skip-free and will create beautifully smooth lines, and they are a joy to write with. Like the other option, they do have caps, which you’ll need to make sure you don’t lose, but they offer precise writing and drawing, with beautifully fine lines.

Sakura Pigma Micron Fineliners

If those don’t suit you, you’ll have to go back to black, but these Sakura Pigma Micron Fineliners are fantastic. They come in a pack of 3 and offer a range of nib sizes, with this particular listing being for 3 0.05 mm nibs.

The pens are lightweight and minimalist, perfect for the business-like graphic designer. They are also bleed-resistant and shouldn’t go through even thin paper, which makes them a popular choice for many artists.

Look at how small this fine point tip is

The ink is lightfast and once dry, has a neutral pH, and it’s also indelible, so it ticks a lot of boxes for various requirements, and a lot of people use them for annotating their Bibles, where you need a really fine pen to operate. Furthermore, the pens won’t smudge easily, which also makes them perfect for writing with.


If you’re after a pen with a super fine point, you will be looking for a 0.05 mm one, as these are currently the finest options available. They usually come in black, and it’s worth choosing a high-quality make so you get a pen that writes and draws well. At this scale, even a tiny slip is noticeable!

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