Where to Buy Fountain Pens Online and In-Person 2022

Have you seen the beautiful calligraphy written by almost ethereal-looking fountain pens? Are you inspired to start (or even expand) your fountain pen collection?

Since the internet is such a big place, it seems silly that finding fountain pens is so hard. But it is! From Amazon to EndlessPens to eBay to Goulet Pens, there are so many places to buy these gorgeous pens it’s challenging to select the best store from the bunch. 

So, in the rest of this article, we’ll take a deeper dive into where to buy fountain pens online and in-person to help narrow down your options. We’ll even recommend the best pen brands, so you know exactly what to look for when browsing the stores’ sites or physical stores. 

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Where to Buy Fountain Pens in 2022

You’ll certainly have more luck finding your dream fountain pen in an online rather than brick-and-mortar store. Even though these beautiful writing utensils are making a comeback, the market isn’t big enough for stores to stock a vast collection. Although, it’s still fun to look around and ogle the selection they do have.

With that in mind, it’ll come as no surprise that we’ve found more online stores than physical ones. We’ll introduce you to the top seven online fountain pen marketplaces (Amazon, Goldspot Pens, EndlessPens, eBay, Yoseka Stationery, Goulet Pens, and JetPens) and the top three in-person shops (Muji, Kinokuniya, and antique stores).

Top 7 Places to Buy Fountain Pens Online

Let’s start with the online options.

#1 Amazon

Regardless of the population’s feelings toward Amazon, it’s most likely the best place to purchase fountain pens. Unsurprisingly, they have a massive variety of mainstream and obscure brands. Plus, it’s easy to sort through the hordes of options by turning the “top-selling pens” or “newly released pens” filters on.

Normally, you’ll get the best bang for your buck here too. Again, unsurprising really.

#2 Goldspot Pens

Goldspot Pens was founded in 1999, smack bang in the middle of the “Dot Com Boom.” It’s been running ever since, staying true to its roots of continuously putting pen to paper and creating physical art in the digital age.

They curate the finest fountain pens from all over the world, ensuring you get the greatest quality. Goldspot always has a staggering number of shapes, filling mechanisms, sizes, and nib sizes to suit everyone from calligraphy experts to complete beginners.

#3 EndlessPens

EndlessPens is another luxury online fountain pen store stocking an array of premium pens in a huge range of styles to fit all needs and personalities. We especially love their limited and special edition models that you simply can’t find anywhere else. It makes them truly unique.

Plus, they recognize that the best fountain pens aren’t always expensive. So, you can guarantee excellent value for money.

#4 eBay

We can’t guarantee you’ll find the fountain pen of your dreams on eBay. After all, the selection depends on the items individual people are selling.

Regardless, it’s still one of the best online marketplaces for purchasing gorgeous pens. In fact, vintage pen seekers deem eBay a critical resource for finding old, rare models.

#5 Yoseka Stationery

Yoseka Stationery is the US-based store of Yoseka, founded in Taoyuan, Taiwan, in 1981. It’s owned and run by a husband-and-wife team who grew up surrounded by the awe-inspiring stationery in Asia.

Here, you’ll find an extensive range of fountain pens from a variety of high-quality brands. Passion for the writing utensils runs through this store’s DNA. You’re bound to find something that takes your fancy.

#6 Goulet Pens

Goulet Pens acknowledges that shopping for fountain pens online, where you can’t actually handle the instrument before you buy, is an issue. So, the various tools on their website ensure you make the best decision based on your preferences.

Inside their shop, you’ll find everything from starter pens to entry-level to flexible and soft nib fountain pens.

#7 JetPens

JetPens is an online stationery store specializing in premium fountain pens and art supplies. Most of their stock comes from Japan, but they also carry brands from other parts of the globe.

The brains behind this premium fountain pen store posted a mixture of videos and guides to help beginners select their perfect utensils, ensuring you make the most of your purchase. 

Top 3 Places to Buy Fountain Pens In-Person

Okay! Now, it’s time to discover the best in-person fountain pen stores. Just be aware it may involve quite a bit of travel, depending on where you live. 

#1 Muji

No matter which Muji store you visit, you’ll find a dedicated pen section. You’ll discover everything from premium gel pens to, of course, fantastic fountain pens.

As for prices, we adore their relatively low-cost but high-quality approach. Muji is an Instagram-worthy brand for sure. 

#2 Kinokuniya

Kinokuniya is a lesser-known but just as significant Muji. Usually, you’ll find these Japanese culture and specialty shops in big cities across the United States of America. Each one has a fascinating collection of Japanese fountain pens to peruse.

#3 Antique Stores

If all else fails, you can try antique or thrift stores. However, the selection depends wholly on your location. Some people have great success in their local antique shop, while others never find fountain pens at their nearest store. Regardless, it’s definitely worth a try!

Which Fountain Pen Brands Should You Shop For?

Now you know precisely where to buy fountain pens online and in person, let’s briefly look at the best brands and models to shop for while there.

We recommend the:

The Bottom Line

Finding your next favorite writing utensil is simple with our top ten places to buy fountain pens online and in-person. The stores we’ve discussed are well-skilled in helping shoppers select the pen of their dreams, so don’t be afraid to send them an email if you’re having trouble selecting.

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